Record Sleeves from Episode 2.

Lalo Schifrin - Mission Impossible..And More!

Armando Trovaili - Sesso Matto

Joe Simon - Cleopatra Jones

Bappi Lahiri - Disco Dancer

Disco Dancer, back of sleeve

John Carpenter - Escape From New York

Ennio Morricone - Pazuzu

Astor Piazzolla - Armaguedon

Ennio Morricone Lizard in a Woman's Skin

R D Burnam - The Burning Train

Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown

Valentino - Contrasts

Valentino - Back of sleeve

Ray Davies - Flashpoint

Henry Mancini - A Man and His Music

Dani – Ah! Mon Cher Hector

Gianni Marchetti –Wild Eye

The Ted Nord Sound – Colours in Rhythm Vol 4

Sebastian Argol – Yol

Usha Khanna – Mehooba dil Walon Ki


One Response to “Record Sleeves from Episode 2.”

  1. How many songs are there on the Anjaan Hai Koi 1969 record? You played one song before, is it possible for you to play the remaining songs of this film?

    That will be great if you can, thanks in advance!

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