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Dawn of the Synth Part II

dawn of the synth part 2

Dawn of the Synth Part II is now available to download Here

1. Jay Chattaway – Cemetery Chase.
2. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Rencontre Intersidérale.
3. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Astroboles.
4. Renato Serio – The Desire.
5. Eric Serra – Le Monstre.
6. Libra – The Shock (Alt.)
7. H. W. Verschu & A. Bougiouzis – Arpèges D’April.
8. Roland Romanelli & Janick Top – Vacances Pulsions Part I.
9. Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau – Création Alpha.
10. Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau – Top Machin .
11. Izzanelli & Samy Wathson – Orgues Cosmos.
12. Jay Chattaway – Apocalypse N.Y.
13. Jay Chattaway – On the Beach.
14. Alan Silvestri – Saved.
15. Cecil Wary – Suspense For 5 Penses.
16. Jay Chattaway – Inner Voices.
17. Cecil Wary – Suspense For 5 Penses.
18. Jezz Woodroffe – Magic of the Dolphin.
19. Stelvio Cipriani – Death Rituals.
20. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth – The Shape Stalks Again.
21. Jay Chattaway – Hookers Heartbeat.
22. Stelvio Cipriani – The Hour Of Infernal Game Pt.1
23. Albert Verrecchia – Sacrificie / Crauté Mortelle.

Night of the Psychotronic Soundtrack. London, Monday 20th of August.

Filmbar70 and El Diabolik invite you to partake in an adventure in audio as we take you by the ear and trawl the wild and way-out grooves of the Psychotronic soundtrack.

Fueled by the unrestrained requirements of exploitation cinema, the psychotronic soundtrack emerged from the alchemical reaction when psychedelic pop, beat and the avant-garde infected
the formally constrained confines of the classical conservatoire.
We’ll be unearthing the history of this sprawling topic with a track listing that takes us from the beach parties of the ‘60s through to the dawn of the synth in the ‘80s, showcased via a series of chats, clips and specially made content, all scored by the spinning platters of El Diabolik.
And, for after, you’ll be taking the lead for a party where your requests will be sounded and your vinyl spun. And if that’s not enough, on entry, you will receive a free exclusive psychotronic soundtrack CD, mixed el diabolik himself.

Here’s just a smattering of what to expect, pop pickers!

The kids are allright – Beat, psychedelia and how teenagers changed the film soundtrack.

Kino klangfarben – How avant-garde outrageousness freaked a generation out.

Dustbowls, bells and whistles – The Spaghetti Western and its influence on Italian genre cinema.

Wig out – How progressive rock and jazz-fusion bomblasted the unsuspecting cinema audience.

Proud vision – The cinematic sounds of the new empowered black youth of America.

Dawn of the synth – How one man and his trusty synth changed the face of the Psychotronic Soundtrack.

And much, much more!

Facebook Page.
Buy tickets here.

Mon 20 August 2012 7:00 pm
Roxy Bar and Screen.
128-132 Borough High Street
London SE1 1LB