Episode 55

Episode 55 of el diabolik’s world of psychotronic soundtracksis now online! Download it Here Or subscribe via iTunes

We are back with another show featuring music from Ennio Morricone, Bill Loose, Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, Maurizio Vandelli, Bappi Lahiri and more!

episode 55

el diabolik’s world of psychotronic soundtracks, always the same, always different. We will back again soon!

3 thoughts on “Episode 55”

  1. Hi El Diabolik, I never leave any comment here, but since I’ve heard a comment on Cine Quinqui, here I go.

    Cine Quinqui it’s pronounced KINKI (it comes from Quincallero… Hardware seller in english).

    De La Loma films are as you have experienced utterly crap. They try to replicate the success of Italian Poliziotescos, but since the Police image in Spain was bad at the time, they focus on the life of the outlaws. In one of those films, De La Loma does a long speech trying to suggest that all the criminality is the result of the society. For a moment you may think that you are in front of a Social Denounce film… but it’s just a cover. His films (mostly the Perros Callejeros series) are a total apology to violence and crime, pure exploitation.

    If you feel interested in the genre, there is another director (Eloi de la Iglesia) that basically does the same… Just that instead of focusing in the youth criminality, he goes to the hard stuff it was heroin usage in the 80s in Spain. At the end, as later recognized by him, another pretext to have sex and drugs with young tugs. A pity because his first films were GREAT (Murder in a Blue world for intance).

    Going back to De La Loma, there is an interesting film he produced, featuring John Saxon. It’s called Metralleta Stein and it’s an adaptation of Quico Sabater’s life. Sabater was the last maquis (Spanish Resistance to the Fascists) to be killed by Franco, at the very begining of the 60s. The film is quite interesting, and the soundtrack worth a check.

    Gotta love your Podcast.


    1. Thanks for the excellent contextualisation – fascinating stuff! I have the soundtrack to Metralleta Stein, so I will certainly dig that out for a future show.
      Thanks for listening.

      el d.

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