Episode 48 – French Special 2

Episode 48 – French Special 2, of el diabolik’s world of psychotronic soundtracks is now online! Download it Here Or subscribe via iTunes

In this special episode we welcome guest co-presenter Vadim Kosmos to talk French film, music and fashion. We feature music from Philippe Sarde, Serge Gainsbourg, Vladimir Cosma, Yann Tregger, Zombie Zombie, Charles Dumont, Dominique Ney, Francis Lai, Karl Heinz Schäfer and more.

Vadim Kosmos is one half of the ZARDOZ, you can check them out Here

el diabolik’s world of psychotronic soundtracks, always the same, always different. We will back again soon!

el diabolik's world of psychotronic soundtracks french special 2


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