Cover Version Corner Christmas Special – Record Sleeves

Bernard Purdie - Shaft

The Don Lusher Big Band - Cavatina (Theme from the Deer Hunter)

Dick Hyman - The Age of Electonicus

Fausto papetti - Hello Dolly

Bobby Johnson and the Screen Grand Orchestra - Action screen Themes Best 14

Geoff Love and his Orchestra - Big Terror Movie Themes

Jack Parnell and his Orchestra - Great Film Scores of the 70s

George Martin and his Orchestra - By George!

Synthesonic Sounds - Moog at the Movies

Claude Denjean & Synthesizer - Open Circuit

Hugo Montenegro - Good Vibrations

Grant Green - Shades of Green

Stan Kenton and his Orchestra - 7 5 on the Richter Scale

Ian Lockyer - Volume One

NDR Orchestra - Unterhaltungsmusik Von Heute

Ensemble Petit and the Screenland Orchestra - Battle & SF-Spectacle

Washrag - Bang!

Billy Vaughn - True Grit

Franck Pourcel - James Bond's Greatest Hits

Shirley Scott - Superstition

Brian May and the ABC Showband - BBC Radioplay Music

Ken Thorne - Screen Music Vol 1

Roger Webb - Music of the Movies

My Pack - unknown artist - DR - 0004

Herbie Mann - Our Mann Flute

The Ray Davies Orchestra - Flashpoint

Tony Back - Hammond Hits Back

Screen Trip-Seventies - Music for Pleasure

Bernard Purdie - Purdie Good!

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