Episode 42 – TV Special III – Record Sleeves

François De Roubaix – À Vous De Jouer Milord

Alan Parker - Angels

Riz Ortolani ‎– Donna Velata

Herbie Hancock ‎– Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert

Chas & Dave - Theme From Crackerjack

Claude Philip Orchestra - Mission Impossible

The Boogie Boys ‎– Theme From The Persauders

 The New Marketts ‎– Song From M*A*S*H

Bob Cobert - Supertrain

Eddy Mers and his Radio-TV Orchestra - Space Patrol

De Nieuwe Volkswagen Transporter B3

Linda Jardim ‎– Energy In Northampton

Linda Jardim ‎– Energy In Northampton

Bob Rogers & Playground ‎– Take Advantage

Johnny Pearson Band - Get Rich Thickstep

 R.P.M. Generation - Rona's Theme

Laurie Holloway - Starsky And Hutch

John Schroeder - The Troubleshooters

Eric Jupp And His Orchestra - Testing Time

Ruud Bos - De Fabriek

Jeff Wayne ‎– The Gordon's Gin Theme

 The Johnny Johnson Orchestra ‎– The Saturday Night Suit

Johnny Johnston - Wonderloaf

 Howard Barnes & Cliff Adams - When it Comes to the Crunch - Smiths Crisps

Lou Donaldson - Sanford And Son Theme

The John Barry Seven And Orchestra - The Human Jungle

Hans Günther Bunz - Beatin' John - BBC Farming

Ennio Morricone E La Sua Orchestra - El Mundial - From the 1978 World Cup

Lionel Leroy ‎– Ulysse 31


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