Episode 40: Record Sleeves

Takayuki Inoue - Two in the Amsterdam Rain

Nico Fidenco - Campa Carogna...la Taglia Cresce

Charles Earland - The Dynamite Brothers

I Marc 4  - Dedicato a un medico

Ennio Morricone – Chi l'ha vista morire Who Saw Her Die

Harley Hatcher - Soul Hustler

Eric Demarsan - Le Cercle Rouge

Stanley Myers - Take a Girl Like you

Bappi Lahiri - Namak Halaal

Armando Sciascia Orchestra - Si Gira!  Action! Camera! - Film Themes Vol. 11

Ray Porter Orchestra - Sorcerer

Stelvio Cipriani - Gang Themes

Deborah - Settembre A Roma - Armando Trovajoli - Nell'anno del Signore

Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind - One by One

Editions Montparnasse - Panorama

Cat's Eyes - The Duke of Burgundy


One Response to “Episode 40: Record Sleeves”

  1. If you look up Stomu Yamashta on YouTube you’ll find the GO Sessions, with Steve Winwood doing vocals on one of the tracks. It’s pretty interesting stuff with it having a very Pink Floyed influenced set of backing vocals.

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